Best TV shows on Netflix

There’s nothing like a good TV series to while away a slow weekend/sick day/that half hour after you get into bed, but if you’re struggling to find a good show to watch, here’s 26 currently streaming on Netflix that you can bank on (below).

There should be something for everyone in there, from big budget dramas such as House of Cards to small fry mockumentaries such as Trailer Park Boys, from the grittiness of Breaking Bad to the bitchiness of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Click through the gallery for each show:

26 Netflix shows you need to watch

If 37 of your friends haven’t convinced you to watch this masterpiece by now, I’m not going to be able to.

If not the best TV series of all time then certainly the most entertaining, Breaking Bad tells the story of a cancer stricken chemistry teacher who throws his hand in and decides to cook crystal meth instead.

If you’re a devout fan and missing the series, its sister discussion show Talking Bad is also on Netflix and may be worth checking out, if just to reminisce on the weekly theorising that gripped us.

A seven season micro budget mockumentary might sound like hard work, but actually you’ll find yourself chomping your way through this hidden gem in no time.

It centres on the recidivists and down and outs of a Canadian trailer park, whose daily struggles include scraping enough money together to buy smokes, repelling cats who piss on their weed plants and trying not to pass out drunk in the street.

You’ll instantly feel bonded to protagonists Julian and Ricky, while their neighbour Bubbles is comedy Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle 705075-130 High Men White Gold Outlet Ireland. Each episode is only 20 minutes, get binging.

It sees the comedian play a semi autobiographical version of himself gigging, raising his two kids and trying to cope with the world of dating far later in life than he expected to.

It doesn’t pack a Adidas Y3 Qasa High Unisex Black Grey Green Dublin laughs per minute ratio, but that’s not really what he’s going for in this series.

It’s more Woody Allen territory really (indeed he went on to star in Blue Jasmine last year), and has a surprising emotional depth.

Season 2 is shaky, Adidas Y3 Qasa High Unisex Black Grey Green Dublin but worth sticking through for season Air Jordan 1 High OG 3 What 575441-026 Unisex Black Blue White Sale Ireland which is brilliant and incredibly thoughtful.

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