Pippa all ears when it’s time for a tale

A Northland school has a new teacher in the form of a 3 month old puppy called Pippa who will help students with their reading.

Kaurihohore School principal Leslee Allen said Pippa, a good natured labradoodle, was bred to be a therapy dog a reading dog to help children improve their reading skills.

„She’s really gentle and she’s quite laid back,“ Ms Allen said. „She’s really good with our children that are on the autistic spectrum.“ Autistic children often struggle interacting with their peers but can find interacting with animals therapeutic.

Ms Allen, who is Pippa’s owner, said she had not heard of another reading dog in Northland and Cheap Air Jordan 5 Olympic Men White Gold Ireland thought there were only a handful in the country.

Just last week Ms Allen had a student that did not want to tell her why they were upset but willing to tell Pippa.

„It’s just been something that I really wanted to do because children often enter school with a lot of emotional stuff,“ Ms Allen said.

While Pippa was still a typical bubbly puppy, she is also happy sitting with students and having them read to her.

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Meeting Hamilton Rosberg Is Like A Dream Come True

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The Meaning of the Quinceanera Tradition with Pictures

According to CNN Latino in America and Rebecca M. with the Aztecs who performed rites of passage for young girls and boys becoming Nike Air Max Sequent 719912-012 Men Black Red Ireland Online and women at the age of 15. Young women were deemed old enough to marry and bear children at this age. When the Spanish conquered the Aztecs in 1500 the Aztec culture and Catholic religion of the Spanish merged, rooting the Quinceanera ceremony in faith, family values and celebration of the young woman maturity.

The Quinceanera celebration includes 14 ladies, 14 male escorts and a personal male escort for the young woman turning 15. The number of couples is a representation of the age being celebrated. These individuals are usually friends and Adidas Stan Smith Unisex Pink White Sale Ireland family of the young woman and are around the same age. Their function is similar to that of a wedding party with bridesmaids and groomsmen, but for the Quinceanera they are considered a full court for the queen of the day and precede her entrance for both the mass and Nike Air Max Flair Unisex Red Black Dublin the celebration to follow.

The day of the Quinceanera begins with a morning mass service. This tradition honors the Catholic religion deeply rooted in the Hispanic people. At the mass quite a few exchanges occur symbolizing the young woman dedication to her faith and her promise to uphold the religious and family values as she becomes a woman.

The Quinceanera lays the bouquet she held during her procession walk at the alter as a sign of thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary. Earrings are gift to remind her to listen to God. A cross, bible and Air Jordan 7 725093 630 Cigar Men Wine Red White Outlet Ireland rosary are gifted to the Quinceanera to remind her to stay dedicated to her faith.

During the celebration it is tradition for the Quinceanera to walk into her celebration with flat shoes. Her father will exchange the flat shoes for high heel shoes and they will proceed into a father daughter waltz. The exchange of shoes and the respected stance the father takes with his daughter in the waltz symbolizes her father respect for his daughter who has entered into womanhood. He will from that point treat her as a woman and no longer a little girl. After the dance with her father, he then hands her over for a dance with her escort. This is also a symbol of the father recognition of his daughter maturity.

Her knight in shiny shoes Modern Good Samaritan comes through for senior

Her knight in shiny shoesChicago Modern Good Samaritan comes through for senior

It started out as the flight from hell and ended with a taste of heaven. On her way home from Christmas spent with her daughter in Corpus Christi, Texas, 80 year old Elsie Clark found herself stranded in a deserted corner of the Dallas Fort Worth airport Wednesday.

Clark has trouble with her hip and asked to be taken by wheelchair to her connecting gate, but she was dumped at the wrong one. By the time she found someone to help her, she’d missed her flight to Winnipeg.

With nary an apology even though Clark was in tears airline staff booked her on a later flight to Chicago.

That’s when her luck changed.

„He was my guardian angel,“ said Clark from her tidy West End home Saturday. „I hope someone will hear this story and know what he did and it will catch on.“

On the flight to Chicago, Clark struck up a conversation with a young businessman across the aisle.

„I asked him about his shoes,“ she said. „Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by very shiny shoes.“

(That’s because, as a farm girl in Saskatchewan, she accidentally told an undercover RCMP officer with very shiny shoes about her uncle’s homebrew operation out in the bush. But that’s another story.)

The man across the aisle, Dean Germeyer, Adidas Ultra Boost UB 3.0 BA8920 Men Black Ireland Sale must have overheard Clark fretting to the flight attendant about making her tight connection to Winnipeg.

Knowing about her trouble in Dallas, Germeyer quietly arranged for Clark to get off the plane first with him so he could escort her to her gate. But Clark again missed her flight, this time by ten minutes. She hadn’t eaten for hours and was very upset.

„I would have sat there on a bench all night and waited for the next plane in the morning,“ said Clark, Cheap Adidas Yeezy 750 Unisex Black Brown Ireland who is on a fixed income and blanched at the thought of a $75 cab ride into Chicago. „But he said ‚Elsie, I’ll look after you. I’ve called my wife and you’re coming over for dinner.'“

Turned out Germeyer, an executive with the global information technology firm ACS, lived in a condo on the 56th floor of a posh downtown highrise, with views of the Wrigley Building and Trump Tower.

After dinner, Germeyer took Clark for a tour of the city in his BMW and dropped her off at a chic boutique hotel for the night, all paid for.

„He walked in with me on his arm so I wouldn’t Adidas Superstar Slip On New BA3S Unisex Blue White Ireland Sale and said, ‚look after this lady,'“ she said. „When I got up to my room, it wasn’t a room, it was a suite! I had to use my cane just to walk to the bathroom.“

Since Clark had no luggage it arrived in Winnipeg before she did Germeyer arranged to have some toiletries and snacks sent to the room. The next morning, Germeyer sent a limousine to pick her up for the early morning flight back to Winnipeg.

„Have you ever heard anything like it before in your life?“ asked Clark. „My daughter asked if he had a brother!“

Later, Clark phoned Germeyer’s parents to speak to them and they said they’d already heard the story.

„He told them he couldn’t sleep knowing he’d left that lady stuck in the airport.“

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Nine ways to make your life abundant

1. Be grateful for what you do have. We have so much more than 95% of the planet. Bless what you have. Find ways of giving. If it’s not money, give your time and your heart. The more you give, the more life finds ways to give back.

2. Review your statements. Get a feel for what you are spending. Where is your money really going? You may often find some errors and double charges. Look at hidden fees from all the bills you pay. Confirm that some of your regular income is going to a savings account on a monthly basis. If you have an investment account, take a close look at what you have: stocks, funds, bonds, cash, gold. Know what you have and then ask yourself how it feels. You don’t need to have a finance background to know whether your money situation is letting you sleep at night.

3. Get back to basics. This applies to every area of your life. Do you need to be spending so much on margaritas? Do you need another pair of jeans or shoes? Do you need a gym membership in a hot club you never use? Everyone knows where they are „leaking“ money. For some it’s on clothes, others it’s food, and others it’s on personal beauty treatments. Ask yourself what changes you can make that only you would notice.

4. Stop avoiding the problem and start being honest. Open the envelopes, call or even better visit your bank or broker. Be realistic. So many of us are living in the illusion of total scarcity. Look at what really did happen during the last few months. Get some help. You aren’t supposed to be an expert. Most of us feel intimidated when it comes to money, but the truth is we were never given a proper education about it. You’re not alone. Everyone feels the same way to some degree. But avoiding the subject of money would be like saying, learning to walk is too difficult, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Men Orange Grey White Sale Ireland so I’m not going to do it. Learn the basics. You’ll feel more grounded. And make sure to hire a banker or accountant you feel good about.

5. Ask for discounts and special offers on everything. Think about how you can save on cable, phone bills, clothes, restaurants, or any work related deals. Negotiate from the heart. Come from a place of authenticity and ask sincerely. You will be amazed at what you can receive.

6. Not that this is a must, but if you had to radically downsize your life, how would you do this? Would you move? Would you cook more or grow your own food? What would you do? Just knowing this will push you to live differently, with a higher level of consciousness.

7. Get organized. Know where your accounts, credit card statements, insurance documents, will, etc. are. Most of us feel overwhelmed because we just don’t know where all of this stands. Often, it’s not the lack of money but more the general level of uncertainty and messiness around this topic.

8. Find another source of income, Cheap Under Armour UA Slingride TRI Women Purple Blue Ireland in addition to your regular job. Can you find a way of creating something, consulting, writing, translating, editing, babysitting, Nike Air Max 2017 849560-402 Women Blue Green Ireland Online taking care of an elderly person, promoting something, or organizing something? The possibilities are endless. Here’s a clue look for a way to take away someone’s pain, or problem. That’s what people will pay money for. What are you really good at? What is easy for you? Stretch your identity of what else you might be able to do, other than your regular job. And Adidas Superstar Unisex Blue Black White Dublin if you are the creative type, which deep down we all are, think about writing an ebook on a subject you know a lot about. There are plenty of sites that will put it up for free. You can then be making money while you sleep. That’s the goal.

9. Take a look at your beliefs and emotions around money. Most of us picked these up from our parents. One of them was probably fearful or always worried. Maybe one of them over spent or was in debt. Think about it. You are now an adult and don’t have to be loyal to their beliefs around money. If you do feel anxious about money, take a deep breath and ask yourself: „Where have I seen this before?“ Commit to making a fresh start.

Bouteflika health check prompts political jostling in Algeria

ALGIERS (Reuters) Former Algerian Energy Minister Chakib Khelil brushes off talk of presidential ambitions. But as he travels from town to town meeting officials and religious leaders, critics say the close ally of ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika looks very much as if he is on the campaign trail.

He is not the only one who appears to be manoeuvring as debate intensifies over how long the veteran leader, largely out of sight since a stroke three years ago, will stay in adidas ireland office, and who may replace him if he steps aside.

Bouteflika has run the North African OPEC member for nearly two decades, riding out the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011 partly due to fears of a return to chaos after the devastating war between Islamists and the military in the 1990s.

Anarchy in Libya, across the border to the east, is another stark reminder of how political transitions can go wrong.

Succession talk has been spurred by a medical trip to Geneva by Bouteflika in April and an unflattering photograph of him published on Twitter by Manual Valls, Adidas NMD S31503 R1 Unisex White Grey Ireland prime minister of France, which has a large Algerian community and a strong interest in its former colony.

Bouteflika was last seen openly in public two years ago when he voted from a wheelchair in a ballot in which he won a fourth term. Since then he has appeared only in brief state television videos, usually seated, greeting dignitaries like Ban Ki Moon at the Zeralda presidential residence.

Government officials and ruling party FLN loyalists dismiss doubts over Bouteflika’s health, and warn pretenders they will have to wait until the president’s term ends in 2019.

„No one will get rid of the president with a photograph on Twitter,“ FLN chief Amar Saadani told a party gathering. „The president is fine, the country is fine, the party is fine.“

Bouteflika was „running the country’s affairs properly“ and Algerians were aware of his condition when they re elected him in 2014, said Ahmed Ouyahia, leader of the second pro government party, Rassemblement National Democratique.

That has not stopped opposition leaders discussing early elections and holding meetings to build a united front against a „power vacuum“. Even some Bouteflika loyalists now talk quietly of positioning for his eventual departure.

At 79, Bouteflika is still praised by many Algerians as the man who led the North African state out of international isolation and the „dark years“ of the war with armed Islamists that killed 200,000 people.

Talk of transition comes at a sensitive time, with a fall in oil prices hitting state finances, violence in neighbouring Mali as well as Libya and the government seeking investment to keep its place as a key European gas supplier.

„The only issue is to return the sovereignty of the people through elections,“ opposition leader and Nike Air Max 2017 849559-002 Men Black Green Sale Ireland former candidate Ali Benflis said. „I didn’t need to see that photograph to know we have a power vacuum.“

Algeria’s politics are often opaque, and observers say they have been dominated since independence by behind the scenes power struggles over candidates and policies among FLN top cadre, pro government business elites and generals.

Even before his re election, Bouteflika moved steadily to erase the influence of the powerful DRS military intelligence service that had often played the role of kingmaker after independence in 1962 and extended its sway during the 1990s war.

Analysts say those bloody years of war mean Algeria’s leaders will always prioritise stability over any factional disputes whether in any early elections or in 2019.

„The conditions and legal framework for a soft transition are now in place,“ political analyst Arslan Chikhaoui said. „Anticipated elections or not, Bouteflika’s key goal was to make sure Algeria would have evolution and not revolution.“The question of who follows though is still unanswered. That debate, analysts say, risks delaying economic reforms to help shield the economy from the sharp fall in oil prices. educated former World Bank technocrat and OPEC president, has been welcomed back by the FLN.

He has always denied the allegations against him and FLN chief Amar Saadani and oil executives hinted he could advise on energy reforms. Local media and opposition figures say he seems to be preparing to be a presidential candidate.

Visiting Sufi monasteries that are influential religious and social centres, especially in rural areas, and talking to the media, Khelil says he only wants to serve his country.

His critics question the timing of his return. Some suggest his tour is an attempt to rehabilitate himself; others say it is a distraction and ask what happened to the corruption probe.

„Let’s not be surprised if the next step is forming committees to support Chakib Khelil,“ newspaper El Watan wrote in a recent column. „What a turnout for a man who three years ago was supposed to meet with the judges.“

But Khelil and other potential presidential candidates may be disqualified under articles in the constitution barring those who have lived abroad for a long period or married a foreigner.

Opposition parties, fractured and weak in the face of FLN dominance, are focused on three leaders Benflis, who was once part of the FLN, Said Sadi, founder of a liberal, Berber focussed party, and moderate Islamist Abdallah Jaballah.

Khelil, Cheap Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 5 EP Men Black White Ireland like Bouteflika, and many in the president’s inner circle, is from the west of the country, and analysts say his return has even stirred rivalries between leaders from west and east dating back to factions who fought against the French.

In Algiers, there is also a court battle over an Arabic language newspaper between tycoon Issad Rebrab, Adidas NMD S31503 R1 Unisex White Grey Ireland who is from the east and has been linked to Sadi’s opposition party, and the government, which Rebrab says is trying to curb his influence and control the press.

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Hostels have long been a significant source of accommodation for the touring pupil, however few individuals know that adults can even take full benefit of hostel lodging. It’s perfect for the family of seven to ten individuals. Then the household had moved to Watson’s Court, High Street Melksham in Wiltshire England. Of course you’ve gotten family members which are totally different in varied elements resembling age, hobbies, likes and dislikes. The general public house continues to be there and that’s where you may have your breakfast however do not count on it to be 5 star. It is fascinating to see that the rocks are nonetheless forming within the cave and an occasional bat can also be seen too. Even in case your college is in a large metropolis, halls are usually nonetheless very close to campus, either within strolling distance or near a bus cease, so you may reach class easily. We drive over two hours just to spend an afternoon procuring at the nearest giant centre.

A considerable amount of ice was seen on the deck of the ship. They didn’t have a lot of money to spare so booked third class tickets on a small steamer ship sure for America. They ship and small items are packed for the trip residence. Hopefully, when i get spherical to it, there’ll be an article from the journey. Lovely for a day journey. AliciaC. Perhaps in the future you will visit them! You watch the activities on city too and simply can stay on the very high of one of the temples. Villa and apartment holidays may be a wonderful strategy to travel to idyllic areas on the cheap. The key to finding a budget property in the right far-away destination is to go looking early and ideally journey within the off season. Formed by mother nature thousands of years ago this beautiful slice of Sicily is the right retreat. Hard to consider it’s been a hundred years almost because the Titanic sank 🙁 Wonderful info on it. Entrance Fee: If you’re a South African with an identification document it’s R50 per grownup over 12 years and R25 per baby.

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Years in the past, these styles discussed might have needed photos. You’ll be able to generate a mock-up inside a browser by employing only CSS3 to make those results. The rise of smartphones have encouraged web developers to „start small.“ This implies you’ll be able to start modeling a site layout from a mobile and then go increased. Pro tip, you can create a very powerful design components first after which quickly pull them into the mobile layout. In the event that they dont compliment at all, you may have to drop a handful of necessities. At the same time you can strategize how your structure will look as the window will get extra expansive. Your format will have sufficient room to comprise a sidebar and other web page points. Social networking websites like Facebook and Pinterest have begun making use of the use of infinite scroll effects on dashboards, consumer feeds and timelines. However there are designers around who have wondered the goal of the infinite page scroll.

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