Djokovic beats del Potro to win Shanghai Masters

Novak Djokovic maintained his dominance in China by holding off Juan Martin del Potro 6 1, 3 6, 7 6 (3) on Sunday to capture a second Shanghai Masters title and extend his winning streak in the country to 20 consecutive matches.

The Serb completed a back to back sweep of titles at the China Open in Beijing and the Shanghai Masters for the second straight year. He’s now captured seven titles overall in China the most he’s won in any country.

Djokovic had to overcome a strong challenge from del Potro, who fended off two match points late in the third set, but couldn’t put any pressure on Djokovic’s serve down the stretch and appeared to fade in the tiebreaker.

„He’s a big fighter. All the way up to the last point, I don’t know if I’m going to win the match,“ Djokovic said. „His forehand is one of the best in the game, one of the best I’ve ever played against. It’s a huge weapon and once it’s on, it’s very dangerous.“

For Djokovic, the title has added significance coming just days after he relinquished his top ranking to Rafael Nadal, who lost to del Potro in the semifinals. He can’t retake the top spot this week, but Djokovic has been focused on finishing the year strongly to stay within striking distance.

„Considering the rankings, I put myself in a better position right now with back to back wins,“ the six time Grand Slam winner said. „But the fact that if I would win, I would put myself in a better position, did not affect my motivation. My motivation is there always, especially when I’m playing finals of such a big event.“

It was a tough loss for Buy Adidas Nmd Human AC7359 Unisex Black Grey White Ireland del Potro, who was trying to win his maiden Masters title at his third attempt. He was coming off a title last week at the Japan Open in Tokyo, and Adidas Nmd City Pack Los Angeles Unisex Red Black Orange Dublin he got his first win over Nadal in four years in the semifinals in Shanghai. 5 ranking his highest in three years and has beaten Djokovic, Nadal and Andy Murray this year. He also scored one of the biggest wins of his career over Djokovic at the London Olympics last year, where he beat the Serb in the bronze medal match.

„I think I’m playing even better than many years ago,“ he said. „I got good things on my career this year. I couldn’t win a Grand Slam like I did in 2009, but I reach finals in the 1000 (level) Masters. I already win three tournaments. I beat the top guys, which is fantastic for me.“

The match looked like it might be a runaway win for Djokovic early on as he raced out to a 5 0 lead in the first set by dictating play with precise groundstrokes and keeping a sluggish del Potro on the defensive.

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But the momentum shifted in the second set when del Potro began connecting on his serve and cracking the same forehand winners he used to sweep Nadal off the court in straight sets in the previous round.

He broke Djokovic to take an early lead, then played a magnificent game to save three break points to hold for 5 2 before closing out the set.

The Argentine appeared to tire slightly as the third set wore on. During one changeover, the chair umpire, Damien Dumusois, warned him that he needed to speed up play between points. „Even after a long rally?“ Del Potro asked, looking up wearily. Dumusois nodded yes.

Djokovic had two match points on del Potro’s serve at 4 5 in the set, but the Argentine saved them both. The Serb then pulled away in the tiebreaker by hitting a forehand winner to finish off a 24 shot rally to take a Buy Air Jordan 4 Retro OG Unisex Cement White Online 2 lead, leaving del Potro unable to manage another comeback.

During the trophy presentation, Djokovic tried to console an obviously disappointed del Potro, one of his better friends on the tour.

„You’re a great person and an even better player on the court,“ Djokovic said. „I’m sorry you lost today. You deserve this trophy equally.“

„What can I say, man, I’m trying to be nice to you,“ he added, Buy Air Jordan 4 Retro OG Unisex Cement White Online smiling, before giving the Argentine a hug.

San Onofre execs in Star Trek parody

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Ross Ridenoure (center facing right), Adidas Superstar Slip On Women Green White Dublin chief nuclear officer of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, Cheap Nike Air Force 1 888853-200 Unisex Brown Ireland and workers stood by one of the two new generators that will be installed in the complex. (Charlie Neuman / Union Tribune)

Share PhotoA video showing senior management at the San Onofre nuclear plant dressed up and Adidas Ultra Boost UB 3.0 BA8844 Unisex Blue White Ireland Online performing as Star Trek characters in a training simulator was greeted by federal regulators with a shrug on Wednesday.

The two minute segment, starring the plant’s former chief nuclear officer as Capt. James T. Kirk, was intended for an employee recognition event but was never completed or used, according to San Onofre plant operator Southern California Edison. It was obtained and aired Tuesday by San Diego ABC affiliate 10News.

„We have reviewed the video and determined that it had no safety implication other than reinforcing the importance of clear communications,“ Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks said in an email. „We understand it was created for an employee recognition all hands meeting as a way of illustrating the importance of three way communication.“

The video titled „SONGS Trek“ a play on the acronym for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station opens with a low tech shot of the Starship Enterprise zooming through space.

A drama involving Kirk, Mr. Spock, Uhura, Chekov and others unfolds Adidas Superstar Slip On Women Green White Dublin the Enterprise bridge staged in a San Onofre simulator resembling a reactor control room.

„So many safety hazards lieutenants,“ intones Kirk, played by former San Onofre chief nuclear officer Ross Ridenoure. „Are you prepared to get us out of our current situation.“

Power and boron levels are low, but tensions are resolved quickly through skilled team communication.

„The making of the video cost $800 and was taped in a training facility, so safety was never compromised at San Onofre,“ Edison said in a written statement.

The video was shot in 2010, roughly the same time steam generators were being replaced at the plant. Rapid wear on generator tubes carrying radioactive water have kept the plant shut since January 2012.

The problem has been traced to design and manufacturing issues. Edison is seeking permission to restart one of two reactors at partial power.

Credits at the end of the SONGS Trek video provide no names but acknowledge „those who we begged and pleaded with.“

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Nicola Sturgeon the most dangerous woman in politics

Despite being a tribal Tory, I concluded that the Coalition has worked well not something a Conservative Party member for more than 30 years expected to admit.

I doubt I alone: most voters aren ideological, and couldn care less which Lib Dem policy was swapped for which Tory initiative, or vice versa, so long as there stability in our governance, and that governance is more good than harmful. Against those criteria stability, and positive outcomes the Coalition should be judged a success.

And there is the key danger for all of us in tonight Party Leaders debate a danger for David Cameron, a danger for Ed Miliband, and, more to the point, a danger for the United Kingdom. Because not all coalitions are the same. As we watch Nicola Sturgeon the leader of the SNP and Buy Nike Air Max 2016 806771-401 Men Blue Ireland the source of the danger take the stage on Thursday night, it that mantra I hope is repeated in every viewer head: some power sharing arrangements are more toxic than others.

Election peril? Nicola Sturgeon

Ms Sturgeon will be a event for most English viewers. Those of us with families on both sides of the border know that news of the Scottish Parliament activities don travel south, while the comings and goings at Westminster are viewed dimly, if at all, further north. Mrs Sturgeon, to most voters, will be fresh on the scene.

Who is Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP?

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP leader in 60 seconds

If you like to know a little about life Under Armour UA Slingride TRI Men Blue White Outlet Ireland the SNP, tune into West Sound Radio sometime. It the station that I grew up with on the west of Scotland, and to which I still listen sometimes, on Sunday mornings, for that little bit of hometown connection. The programmes themselves are fine. It the news and adverts in between that would make English centre Right hair curl. The preaching on how to live your life is relentlessness. And this is life under an SNP government: it really does know best, Adidas Equipment Support ADV BB1302 Men Black White Pink Sale Ireland knows that it knows best, and if you don agree that it knows best, will spend your money to tell you it knows best.

But in England Mrs Sturgeon will be new to most of us, and we like new things, don we? Perhaps you agree with me on that. Or maybe you agree with Nick?

The Deputy Prime Minister was the new guy last time around, and he played his card well much better than his Labour and Conservative opponents anticipated, to their parties detriments on polling day. So tonight the danger is that Nicola Sturgeon repeats the 2010 Nick trick, presents her very old fashioned politics as new, reasonable and sensible, and persuades enough voters in Scotland to vote for her party.

Some of you might be thinking: danger to Labour, yes. We all seen that Miliband, Get Salmond poster. But what danger can she represent to the Prime Minister? In England, we couldn vote SNP even if we wanted to, so what to worry about?

It true that Mrs Sturgeon isn the sole problem the Prime Minister will face tonight. She will just be one of six opposition voices he faces, who between them will have far greater collective airtime to make their anti Tory case than he will have to rebut them. That unlikely to make pleasant viewing for Conservatives; but of those six attacks hers will have by far the biggest impact on the election certainly bigger than Ed Miliband.

Who cares, for example, what Green leader Natalie Bennett says? Assuming that she can string words into coherent sentences at all not a given we could all of us already write down the dull, Leftist blather she will undoubtedly produce. Mountains as an environmentalist, she be glad of this will not be moved as a result of her presence.

And to the extent that Mr Clegg attacks the Prime Minister, should he foolishly decide to do so, it will serve only to remind those of us who admire the Deputy Prime Minister that he missed a historical opportunity for Liberal Tory realignment during this successful Coalition. Those who despise Nick Clegg for working with the Tories, meanwhile, will remember what they known since halfway through 2010: Air Jordan 13 3M 414571-004 Men Black Red Ireland Sale that they never vote Lib Dem again.

This will also be our first chance to witness the tension between Mr Cameron and Nigel Farage. That should prove delicious, if unedifying. And again, comparatively unimportant: Ukip will be a nuisance to the Conservatives at the election, but their peculiarly joyless flush is surely busted.

Most of the furious argy bargy this evening, then, should fall neatly into the nothing bucket. But not Nicola Sturgeon contributions. Should her party enable Ed Miliband to become Prime Minister, the end of Union will be within her sights. Talk about a double whammy.

How will she play it? If the Scottish referendum is any guide to future behaviours, we expect Mrs Sturgeon to flatten her opponents. Her demolition of the Lib Dem Scottish Secretary, Alistair Carmichael, in that campaign has passed into SNP folklore. (Her opponent was decent, and gentlemanly. Ms Sturgeon used this against him.)

But she clever, and a lawyer, and knows how to vary the tone of her argument to suit her audience. Mrs Sturgeon and I, born six months apart in the same Ayrshire hospital, share a west central Scotland accent. It not one the Home Counties tend to warm to, not when it angry. It can sound like the voice of a vengeful Dalek. I doubt we hear much of it this evening.

She and I overlapped again, at Glasgow University, where the Union is home to world beating political debate, and every student learns to hone their arguments. So it much more likely that tonight she set out to charm and disarm both her actual electorate in Scotland, and the one she really cares about the one that can vote for her in England.

What young people need more than anything is work experience

A few weeks ago I was in the Titanic Building in Belfast right next to the dock where the famous ship was built in 1912.

At the time, Harland Wolff was one of the world largest ship builders, Nike Air Max 98 844694-600 Men Red Grey White Ireland Sale employing nearly a quarter of the working population of Belfast. There was a well worn path from the school gate to H and many people took it.

Today the picture is very different, not just in Belfast, but across the whole of the UK and Buy Adidas NMD X Footlocker Unisex Black Red Online in many developed Western economies. For young people leaving school these days the path is neither straight nor well trodden. Instead it turned into a delta of small, winding tracks that lead in different directions. The sad fact is that for around one fifth of young people today the path leads to listless and damaging unemployment.

That why the Henry Jackson Initiative with Sir Alec Reed have teamed up with the Telegraph Media Group to launch our essay competition on how to solve youth unemployment, with a 10,000 prize.

The first instinct is to blame the recession for the problem, and it true the recession has made the problem worse. But it not the cause, and we can assume that the recovery, whenever it comes, will fix the problem. The real causes are persistent and structural.

In the first instance, many of the entry level jobs that have traditionally helped young people into work waiters, bar staff, retail assistants and so on are stagnating or in long term decline. That makes it much harder for young people to take their first steps onto the career ladder.

Even when they do it become harder to progress. Businesses need more flexibility in a changing world. Their customers expect it, and competitive markets demand it. This explains the trend towards more part time roles at the highest level since records began, and the outsourcing of non core tasks. Economists agree that the flexibility of our labour market has helped our economy including during the recent downturn, when unemployment rose less than in many other countries. The downside is that we are creating too many jobs offering less training, less stability and less opportunity for promotion.

There an increasing number of low skill jobs at the bottom end, and a shortage of suitable people for Air Jordan 1 High OG 3 What 575441-026 Unisex Black Blue White Sale Ireland skill professional roles at the top end with too few good routes for progression from one to the other. Graduates can end up doing bar work not just for a season, but for many years.

This fuels a myth, perpetuated by some, that young people are work shy, unwilling or unable to hold down a responsible job. In reality, relatively few employers are qualified to voice this opinion since only a quarter have actually recruited a young person direct from education in the past two to three years. Of those that have, most are happy with their new recruits.

When employers don find young people well prepared for work, their complaints are not usually about literacy, numeracy or attitude. Their biggest concern is simply lack of experience. Most young people are ready, willing and able to dive into work. What they need, more than anything, is experience.

Employers, particularly smaller businesses, understandably value experience when selecting staff, leaving young people in a catch 22 situation no experience, no job; no job, no experience. And trends in education aren helping the proportion of 16 and 17 year olds combining full time study with part time work has halved, Buy Adidas NMD X Footlocker Unisex Black Red Online from 40pc in the late 1990s, to around 20pc today. This „death of the Saturday job“ has been exacerbated by the recent rise in (adult) part time working, meaning young people are competing with older, more experienced adults for limited opportunities.

So, if that the problem, what the solution? There are no quick fixes, and the answers must come from businesses. Politicians need to encourage and enable, but also to resist the temptation to create schemes which employers join only because of the subsidy on offer.

At the UK Commission for Employment and Skills we are seeing many positive examples of businesses taking real ownership for skills development and good job creation.

Employers accepting this responsibility is the only way to achieve lasting impact and sustainable employment. This is not about altruism, it about good business. Where employers make a point of recruiting young people, they do so because they find them willing to learn new skills, to work differently and to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the workplace. In other words, there are clear business benefits.

Beyond recruitment, where businesses invest in their young people, from basic skills training right through to advanced apprenticeships, typically they see a very good payback.

And strategically, in competitive and fast changing industries, building individual and organisational capability has never been more important to business success.

These benefits are available to many more businesses if they make jobs more accessible to young people, by ensuring recruitment practices are open and fair, and by keeping an open mind about the value of previous experience versus future potential.

Even where recruitment is out of the question, there still a lot that a business can do to help young people into employment. Work experience is a vital part of that journey. It something that pretty much everyone agrees is a good thing, and yet the quality of work experience is just too inconsistent for something that so important.

Work experience means working, not making cups of tea. A little more planning can make a big difference.

Even where a carefully tailored programme of work experience is too much to ask, there a role for businesses and the people who work in them to help to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. Pretty much everyone can make a difference simply by giving up some time to go into schools to mentor or to share their experiences.

The challenge of youth unemployment is serious and urgent. Sadly it cannot be fixed easily or quickly, but fortunately almost every business can play a positive role in tackling it. That will be good for business and good for Nike Benassi Swoosh 819696-010 Unisex Black White Sale Ireland young people. In my experience, where businesses give their employees an opportunity to help young people into work, they love it. After all, everyone was young once.

Claire Sweeney announces that she is five months pregnant with her first child with ex

According to OK! magazine, a spokesperson for Claire said: ‚They parted company just after Christmas.‘ When they were pressed for further details, they replied: ‚No comment.‘

The news was in stark contrast to twelve months earlier, when she told Hello! Magazine: ‚The reason I’ve never married or had children is because I take it very seriously and I hadn’t met the right person.

She’s designed a collection for Fashion Union in the past an Buy Nike LeBron XII Men Black Orange Purple Online retailer who makes clothes for a curvier figure in sizes 12 to 32 and Claire Sweeney definitely knows how to dress for Air Jordan 13 414571-030 Men Black Green Sale Ireland her figure.

The actress made a clever move with this two tone jumpsuit, Adidas Y3 Qasa High Unisex Black Green Sale Ireland which really complements her shape. The belt draws attention to her tiny waist, the high waist elongates her pins and the flared bottom means she can hide a pair of skyscraper wedges adding even more inches to her gams. We see a yummy mummy in the making!

A two tone jumpsuit like Claire is a great choice to flatter any figure. The Adidas Y3 Qasa High Unisex Black Green Sale Ireland waist makes your legs appear longer and the light top section draws attention to your assets while the darker bottom half distracts from any lumps and bumps!

Below, we’ve picked four jumpsuits like Claire’s that are a great choice for a dinner or a night out. Ted Baker at John Lewis has a flared, strapless number like Claire and Love at Topshop has a tuxedo inspired offering that will look super chic with some barely there sandals and a man’s watch to accessorise. Daughter Khloe Kardashian is also seen looking very worried and supporting her mom near the driver\’s side of the car.

Expensive Running Shoes Are No Better

Your choice of running shoe is a very personal decision. You’ve got to balance how well they protect your feet and legs with how they fit, how heavy they are and, Adidas Superstar Ireland yes, even how they look.

The biggest surprise: The higher the price, Adidas Superstar Vulc Adv Women Blue White Ireland Online the lower the rating in many cases. In fact, the 10 most expensive running shoes, Cheap Adidas Stan Smith Unisex White Rose Red Ireland with an average list price of $181 per pair, were rated 8.1 percent lower than the 10 cheapest models (average price $61).“If money is a matter to you, you will not get more in expensive running shoes,“ says the website’s founder, Jens Jakob Andersen. „Affordable mid range running shoes are very nearly the same as expensive running shoes.“That doesn’t mean that you should buy $15 running shoes at a department store. Those will almost surely cause you injuries. But Andersen believes that running shoe makers have poured so much money into marketing in their battle for a slice of a multibillion dollar market that we don’t know what’s real any longer. According to Running USA, 46.25 million pairs of running shoes were sold in 2013, at a cost of $3.09 billion. „Runners are pretty satisfied with the shoes they buy in general,“ Andersen says. But that also highlights the fairly large satisfaction gap between high and low priced shoes.“When you spend more, you expect more,“ Andersen says in trying to explain why expensive shoes may have disappointed some purchasers. „. Andersen says he takes no money from any company, funding the site himself. Skechers? Seriously? I know that elite marathoners like Meb Keflezighi and Kara Goucher are wearing them, but I had no idea they were that popular.“What Skechers are doing great is that they don’t do the really high premium running shoes,“ Andersen says. „They are the running shoe brand for Adidas Superstar Ireland moms.“As for Vibram FiveFingers, well that’s a shock, too. The company agreed to pay $3.75 million in refunds after settling a lawsuit that claimed there was no scientific backup for the assertion that the converted boat shoe reduced injuries and strengthened foot muscles. The pioneer of the current fat sole boom is a hot item right now.

Chief Justice of the Federal Court Michael Black steps down

Damien Carrick: Today, a conversation with Michael Black, the retiring Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia.

The Federal court plays a central role in our legal system; it hears most civil matters arising under federal law: disputes over things like trade practices, corporations, intellectual property, and native title.

I visited Michael Buy Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra 88110-001 Leather Unisex Black White Ireland at his chambers in the Federal Court building in Melbourne. Now this court complex is very close to his heart. Michael Black feels strongly that it is beautiful, functional, and also reflects values that are central to the law.

Michael Black: I think it makes a point about architecturally, it makes a point about justice. It’s light, it speaks of access, it’s a welcoming building, it was intended to be a building that people would want to come into.

Damien Carrick: Michael Black, Chief Justice of the Federal Court from 1991 to 2010, thank you very much for speaking to the Law Report. Now we’re having a conversation here in the Federal Court building in Melbourne, which in many ways is your baby, it’s a very beautiful, 17 storey complex, with I think about 40 courtrooms. It was opened about 10 years ago in 1999. Walking around the building there’s an enormous atrium, lots of light, there are glass walls with the Australian Constitution etched on to it.

Michael Black: It’s also, if I can use the term, an egalitarian building. It was deliberately conceived, such that the views, the light and so forth, would be shared. So the staff have excellent facilities, the judges likewise my view I have to say is somewhat bigger than others, but my staff have virtually the same view, and the public have the same facilities. If you like, it speaks of equality, it speaks of light, and access.

Damien Carrick: Now your focus on court architecture and court surroundings more generally, that goes back I believe to your very first day as Chief Justice, and your first edict; can you tell me about that?

Michael Black: Ah, you know about that? Yes, well I’m happy to talk about it. There was a sign in the old Melbourne Federal Court building. The first thing you saw when you went into the building was this manilla folder, stuck on a glass wall with Blu Tack, and a texta sign that said ‚No Change for Phone‘, and I thought it was dreadful. So I had it removed. That was the first thing I did as Chief Justice.

Damien Carrick: Why was it so irritating for you?

Michael Black: It spoke of an attitude that was dreadful, and that’s not the attitude of our staff. Our staff are helpful, and I’m very proud of them. They’re there to serve the people, they know that, they feel that, and ‚No Change for Phone‘ is just not what it’s about.

Damien Carrick: Well let’s talk about clutter inside the court room, not just in the foyers or the public areas. I understand that you also don’t react very well when lawyers wheel in trolleys full of documents into a court room.

Michael Air Jordan XXXI Space Jam 845037-002 Men Black Grey Blue Ireland: No, I get a rash, around the neck. It’s terrible. Most of these documents are absolutely irrelevant. When you ask for what are the documents, they’re really irrelevant, you end up with a handful. These massive trolleys are wheeled by young people who are going to become disillusioned and they’re not there to wheel trolleys, they’re there because they want to be lawyers. I just get very upset about it.

Damien Carrick: Well the issues around document management and, well, they can be very indicative of serious public policy issues, around the use of courts. And we had a few years ago the C7 pay TV dispute, that that was sort of mega litigation, which I think involved something like 120 hearing days. An electronic database of something like 85,000 documents and there was something like $200 million in legal costs which accrued in that case. Your colleague, Justice Sackville, said This case was a waste of public resources bordering on the scandalous‘. So there are real fundamental issues here aren’t there?

Michael Black: Oh, absolutely there are. And, I might add, Justice Sackville was an extremely efficient judge, a brilliant person; if he’s driven to those sort of comments, there is a problem. But there are solutions. I won’t deal with mega litigation, but in smaller litigation.

Damien Carrick: Well what is the court doing about these sorts of issues?

Michael Black: I suppose there have been three fundamental reforms in my time. The first was the introduction of the individual docket system. Now if you’d like me to explain that, I certainly can.

Damien Carrick: Well briefly, as I understand it, that was introduced back in 1997 and the idea was that from whoa to go, a single judge would take responsibility for pushing along a piece of litigation to final trial.

That piece of litigation would from the time of its commencement, go into that judge’s docket, and he or she would be responsible for Cheap Nike Kaishi 2.0 Unisex White Ireland it, right to the end. And the idea was, that would mean that the judge would have to become on top of it from the start, and get on with it. And that’s the essence of the system. It’s used with great effect in the federal courts of the United States, and we adopted it and adapted it as well. We modified it to suit our own conditions, and it’s a very good system.

Damien Carrick: OK, that was adopted in 1997, but you still had cases like C7 cluttering the courts. So what’s been happening since then?

Michael Black: Well, put C7, put mega litigation to one side for the moment. The most recent reform is the adoption nationally, of a fast track system.

Damien Carrick: Is that the Rocket Docket system?

Michael Black: That’s its popular name, but in essence what that means is that the case that goes into the fast track list is going to be really fast. And the aim is to have it completed within a matter of months and have the judgment delivered within a matter of six weeks from the time the case is finished, and really get on with it. Now it’s quite complicated, but in essence, it involves really intensive case management, it involves the parties coming before the judge in what’s called a scheduling conference which is an acute focus on relevance. There is no place to hide. You’ve got to know all about your case, what the issues are, and everything that’s irrelevant is discarded. And that’s the big problem with legal costs. A lot of the costs are spent dealing with matters that ultimately turn out to be irrelevant. If you design an aeroplane on that footing, it would never fly, it would be too heavy.

Damien Carrick: Well part of the problem here isn’t it, that sometimes a legal battle is part of a commercial battle, and there are strategies which the parties engage in which aren’t necessarily about a real legal issue.

Michael Black: That’s right. And Fast Track cuts through that. There is no place to hide. If that’s your game, it’ll be exposed. And interestingly, we have found that in Fast Track scheduling conferences, the parties actually develop a spirit of co operation because it’s the only way to go; anything else is other than of course legitimate differences and disputes which we resolve the rest of it’s just cut out. And commercial clients of the practitioners want it, because it works on a commercial timeframe. I mean commercial timeframes don’t mean you report every 12 months; that’s not the way commerce works.

Damien Carrick: Well interesting that you say that, because one of the criticisms is, is that the people who benefit from the rambling nature of litigation is the lawyers especially.

Michael Black: Good lawyers should not find that a very happy way to benefit. That’s not a satisfying way to conduct the law.

Damien Carrick: Is this new system working? Is it having an effect?

Michael Black: Well it is. It started in Melbourne, that’s where it is principally at the moment. We’ve had very positive reports from people. Anecdotally it’s reduced a great saving in cost, saving in time. I’ve got the stats here and we can talk about them, but basically, it’s working. And matters are disposed of very quickly.

Damien Carrick: Another reform is the electronic filing of court documents in evidence. How does that work?

brainer‘ for British property buyers

It’s been 25 years since the wall came down and Berlin is now better known for Buy Adidas Stan Smith Unisex White Colorful Ireland being an edgy and vibrant global capital with an interesting historic and cultural legacy.

Amid majestic historic architecture, newly gentrified communist apartment blocks and staid buildings from the Third Reich, the Berlin skyline is forested with construction cranes. Massive capital projects such as a much delayed new airport are taking place alongside any number of more modest commercial and residential projects.

residential sector runs relatively smoothly for Adidas Superstar New C23641 Unisex White Gold Dublin construction, according to Thomas Zabel, CEO at Zabel Property Group. „Although the procedure for building permits can be lengthy, property prices are buoyant.

The economic think tank Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft reports that newbuild apartment prices in Berlin rose by 79 per cent between 2007 and the first quarter of 2014.

2007, the first wave of foreigners who had come for pure property investment were well represented by the British, said Mr Zabel. Britons fell in love with the city, returned often and eventually moved here on a permanent basis. Nowadays they Buy Adidas Stan Smith Unisex White Colorful Ireland property less for investment and more to live because Berlin is such a young dynamic city for business and culture.“

Residential property is far cheaper than in Munich, the country most expensive city. demand in Berlin exceeds supply said Julius Stinauer, principal consultant at Jones Lang LaSalle, a real estate company.

The central district known as Berlin Mitte is the most popular property destination for Adidas Stan Smith S75076 Unisex White Black Ireland Sale international buyers. per cent of our Mitte clients are foreign and a substantial number of these are British, observed Fiede Clausen, Zabel partnership manager. see quality of life, security and value for money as much better than in Britain. And regarding retirees, it a no brainer for lifestyle and affordability.

From central Mitte to its outskirts there are several new developments with expat appeal that cost from high end millions down to relative affordability.

In the heart of Berlin Mitte at the top end of the market is Palais Varnhagen [pictured above], designed by British architect Sir David Chipperfield. Forty nine elegant apartments and massive penthouses with up to six bedrooms are priced from just under half a million euros up to (4.3million).

For buyers who seek Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Mid Unisex Grey White Outlet Ireland modern design, the 14 floor Living Levels [pictured below] is one of the Mitte last riverside projects to be given a high rise building permit. Each of the three top floors has around 500 sq m of living space and 360 degree views. All 56 one to seven bedroom units include state of the art environmental features and cost (262,000) to million (4.7million).

Berlin is, unsurprisingly, a city of contradictions. While unemployment is high, though improving, the economy is growing faster than the German average. That widely anticipated but elusive post 1989 era of prosperity is finally materialising. Perhaps the time is nigh to consider Berlin as a prime expat property destination.

Tips for Cleaning Leather Sofas

Leather sofas enhance the visual appeal of the interiors of home manifolds. Any man made furniture material cannot match up with the beauty and elegance of this natural material. Most importantly, it provides a lot of comfort. Leather sofas are quite durable and last for many years provided they are well taken care of. Cleaning is an important aspect of leather sofa care. While cleaning such sofas you have to be extra careful so that no damage is caused to the material.

Leather sofas become dirty due to regular exposure to skin oils and perspiration. They attract more dirt and grime if you have pets and children at home. Your sofa looks ugly because dirt and grime get accumulated on its surface which makes it lose its natural shine. If you notice any such signs on the sofa, it is time to clean it up. Before that, just take a look at the following tips for cleaning leather sofas:

Tip 1: Select the right kind of leather cleaner. Read the label of the cleaner carefully before purchasing them. Those with olive oil or lanolin as a component are most suitable. Any solvent based cleaner should be avoided as it can have a damaging effect on the leather. Castile soap is a water based cleaner that can be safely used on leather.

Tip 2: Before using any leather cleaning product on the main area of the sofa, do not forget to perform a patch test. Apply it on the bottom of the sofa to check whether it causes any harm to the color or texture of the leather. Once you are positive that it is safe for the leather, use it on the rest of the sofa as per the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

Tip 3: Adidas Superstar Unisex White Rainbow Outlet Ireland While cleaning the sofa, you must give special attention to areas like the armrest and the back rest. As these areas are exposed to maximum body contact and more dirt and grease are found here.

Tip 4: Do not use too much of water for cleaning leather sofas. This is because water leaves behind ugly water stains which is quite difficult to remove. Therefore, use only a damp cloth and not a water soaked cloth on sofas. Do not use a blow dryer to dry up the moisture residues as cracks may develop on the leather surface. Rather, wipe off the extra moisture and let it Air Jordan 3 136064-004 Men Wolf Grey Ireland Sale dry.

Tip 5: Leather has the natural ability to repel liquids provided you do not allow it to get absorbed into the leather. Therefore, if there are accidental liquid spills on your leather sofa, you must take quick action and blot it out with a sponge or soft cloth immediately. Just soak up the liquid and do not wipe it.

Tip 6: If your sofa was left unused for a long time, there are chances of mold and mildew growth on its surface. For this, you have to prepare a solution by mixing up one part of rubbing alcohol with one part of water. Put this mixture on a spray bottle and apply it on the mold infested part of the sofa. Then rub a white lint free cloth gently over it in small circular motions. Then turn on the fan and let it Nike Air Zoom All Out 878670-400 Men Dark Blue Outlet Ireland dry.

Tip 7: Occasionally, leather sofas require a thorough cleaning. For this, you can prepare a homemade leather cleaner with white vinegar and linseed oil. Take one part of white vinegar and two parts of linseed oil in a bottle and shake the mixture vigorously. Pour a little mixture into a soft piece of cloth and then rub this cloth in circular motions over all the surfaces of the sofa. Let the cleaning solution settle on the leather surface. Next morning, Adidas Superstar Women Light Blue Dublin buff the leather surface with a dry rag. This will bring back the natural shine of the sofa.

Tip 8: A white leather sofa looks really attractive however, the drawback of Adidas Superstar Unisex White Rainbow Outlet Ireland color is that it can get stained very easily and you have to work really hard to keep it clean. Even a slight spot of dirt looks quite prominent on it. A paste made of equal quantities of lime juice and tartar is an excellent choice for sofa cleaning. Apply a thick layer of the paste on the stain and keep it untouched for 10 minutes. After that, wipe it off with a damp sponge and you will find that the stains are gone.

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